"Fowl Space" - Shooter Platformer
FowlSpace is currently in developement. This game follows a pissed-off rooster's journey into the sun to fight horrid Solar Vikings! FowlSpace is not a game for the meak, it uses fast paced mechanics that will have the player on the edge of their seat from the start to the overly epic ending. I am working on the game design, character art and level design.

"Alter" - Puzzle Platformer
Just released with ArmorGames.com is a puzzle platformer based in flash. Alter features a dude named Quark who's planet has just collided with another and in the chaos, Quark has strangely gained the ability to manipulate size. Follow Quark as he unravels the mystery and chooses to be good or bad, awesome or lame. The aim of this game is to take flash gaming to the level of a retail title.

"Croak of Dawn" - 3D Animated Short
Croak of Dawn is as a throw back to the old western films. It is about 5 minutes and is full of slap-stick humor while maintaining strong visual aesthetics. I was the Lead Character modeler but also helped in many other aspects of the animation. I contributed to the script, art direction, film direction, voice acting, rendering, and animation. We use Maya, Mental Ray and Photoshop. Croak of Dawn earned the highest mark in my class.

"Ruin" - Mod of UT3 (video 47.5 MB)
I have created a mod of Unreal Tournamtent 3 with three other people. It is a 2.5D platformer, where the protagonist is fighting through a futuristic, Samurai-like society. It features four levels, a melee fighting system, grapling abilities and a mechanic that creates fast paced action. I created the character art and a portion of the level design. I also worked on the technical implementation of the art. We used the Unreal Editor and Maya. Ruin was voted the number one game in my school by EA.

"Beware of Minotaur" - 3D Animated Short (47.4 MB)
Here is a three minute animation I did with three other people. I helped with the script and directing, created the minotaur, a few set props and animated several scenes; specifically the intro walk in, the second half of the treasure room scene and the dodging of arrows scene as well as helping with other scenes. We used Maya and Photoshop. SFU nominated our team for "Best Student Animtation" at the ELANS Awards.

All artwork created by Drew Garner unless otherwise stated. All content 2011 Drew Garner.